3D Animation

PMT offers character animation, motion graphics, and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) that stand-alone or can be integrated into existing video.

Digital Photography, Video, and Graphics

PMT can produce the assets required for print, graphic and video content.

Web Application Development

PMT specializes in web application development with Microsoft ASP.NET MVC front end technology, and Microsoft Entity Framework data access. PMT develops and tests with Microsoft Azure Cloud, and hosts your application there.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

PMT has a full complement of tools to produce content for HMD (head mounted displays) such as Oculus Rift and the Microsoft Hololens offering both virtual and augmented reality on a variety of platforms ranging from mobile devices to gaming consoles.

Technical Services

PMT provides services to creatives such as markerless motion capture. The configuration can range from 1 or 2 Microsoft Kinects to 8 cameras to provide up to a 20 foot diameter capture area.

Software Development

PMT is well positioned for the advent of media and software blending. My 30 plus years as a software developer is a benefit when working with gaming engines or programming Maya.